GOOD LUCK GRANT LTD is a UK group SPV registered legally within the United Kingdom into HMRC for gold transactions under Central Banking Registration Number 64110. GLGL has International subsidiaries & legal partners hereby state and represent that we operate a “central banking group” primarily concentrating with derivates trading, project finance and structured finance.

Fixed Income: We aim to help companies and individuals to hedge their exposure to risks primarily though the structuring and liquidation of derivates. We also trade on behalf of our clients or for its own proprietary accounts.

Equity & Derivatives: We help companies manage their risks and portfolio investments with options, futures, swaps and other highly complex derivates.

Commodity Derivatives: We helps clients hedge their exposure to commodity risks though the structuring and sale of commodity financial products. We also trade in commodity markets on behalf of our clients.

Investment Banking: We help our clients in the Product Placement Programes (PPP) by by creating high yield programes. We operate in most of the traditional investment banking functions. Creation of Credit using Swift system, Euroclear, DTCC

Structured Finance: Good Luck Grant offer his clients project finance solutions, export financing, syndicated loans, financing for acquisitions and leveraged buyouts.

Corporate & Transaction Group: We offer our clients simplified flow banking services including trade financing, international cash management, and basic hedging solutions.

Mergers & acquisitions: purchase of an asset advisory: We help our clients by making sure that every stage of the process is correct and optimized, from valuation, including negotiation and completion.