Mr Kenneth Jones is highly accomplished, resourceful, committed Central Banking and Investment Banking Executive.

He has extensive experience in delivering effective solutions and training within challenging environments. Since taking his position within Good Luck Grant Ltd he has contributed and expanded the company into a Group structure to 27 Subsidiaries controlled from the UK Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with Central Banking Registration 64110 and HMRC Gold Bullion Registration.

Since taking his position Mr Jones has been exposed deeper into Central Banking, Investment Banking, Banking Securities, Currency Creation, Gold Bullion Trading, Credit Default, Credit Swap, Currency Exchange, Petroleum trading within Central Banking and has presented the GLG Central Banking Group to a number of Governments and Finance Ministries Globally.

Mr Jones has excellent previous history within UK MOD and also within the private security sector that is now integrated and providing the foundation to build his new Role as the GLG Group Director of Banking Securities.