Our Central Banking Group CEO has been a visionary to the future Banking and Finance needs of Global Economy. Having witnessed fall of Lehman Brothers in New York to European Debt Crisis & Quantitative easing by Federal Reserve, BOE & ECB made him think of a solution the world can rely on.

The journey inspired him to create a common currency for African union and a Global reserve currency independent of any government to cater for the needs of global population. His 21 years of Professionals experience is a combination of Electronics and Communication Engineering, IT Technologies such as Database Design, Algorithm (recognition into information system and Stock markets, Search and Query language) Infrastructure, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds to Finance management, time value of money going forward to Central banking where he spent last 6 years.

He holds an Engineering Degree (BTE, India, University of Delhi) followed by an MBA from Aberystwyth university (UK) He is currently on leave from his PhD (California, Berkeley) Our GLG Banking Group (CEO) can assist governments with their authority to strategically raise the countries Credit and GDP through merit credentials, experience and global understanding of the Banking Sector.