We are a multinational company based in the United Kingdom and Spain with offices in West Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East along with free zone banking facility within our GLG airport city in Spain connecting to Spanish Central bank, ECB and therefore the worldwide financial system.

We are specialized in providing high scale services in the fields of Trades & financials, commodities, economic repair & finances, all types of constructions and security with the highest level of quality and valuing confidentiality in all our contracts and procedures.


We see our company as one of the best companies to secure commodity transactions and assets maintenance.


Our mission is to help our clients with a reliable, easy and quick service to provide them with the commodity goods, and the security they need.



We have the compromise to our clients to give the best service to establish long term cooperation with them.


We incorporate to our commodities expertise, the knowledge about banking and distribution over the world to the service of our clients to help them meeting their best interests.


Security for our clients, with a good understanding of the commodity market and bank systems, contracts, information and performance in all the operations.