Mr Waleed Doqa GLGL Director of Petroleum with UK education and 28 years experience working inside the Jordanian government owned oil refinery.

With a High Diploma in Mechanical Engineering / Chelsea College/ U.K. 1982.
Awarded the City & Guilds Institute of London certificate part 3 in principle of supervision & commercial practice & Law. Industrial Safety course at University of Jordan.

A training course in Japan on road transportation Of flamabel products.
27 years of work experience at the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company / Senior officer at the inspection department. Work involved various activities in crude oil & refined products. Programming maintenance, Repair Schedules & Shutdown of various units.
Working at the Jordanian refinery was a complete journey because it starts from negotiating with crud producers to end up in the refiling stations. Between negotiating & refiling it is a long process that grant you experties in different fields in this industry of energy. It is the energy that shaped our modern world. It is the story of mankind trying to produce a spark using two stones up to the fantasies of human imaginations that became life realities that we live today. longing for a better future & better world.

Now with the GLGL team it is one team with one spirit. The spirit of striving towards a better future & a better world.